Traning and Education

Testare si certificare

Equipment testing and certification developed and carried out in various authorized EHEDG test institutes is setting recognised quality standards. EHEDG Certification is strived for by manufacturers who are aiming to design equipment in accordance to the highest hygienic requirements.
Authorized EHEDG test institutes are offering several types of certification to the benefit of equipment suppliers and food manufacturers:

  • Equipment suppliers:
    Their equipment can be approved by EHEDG authorized organisations to be in compliance with EHEDG criteria. In certain cases, approval may only be granted after testing by a laboratory accredited by a notified body, using EHEDG test methods.
  • Food manufacturers:
    They may select hygienically designed equipment although users must still validate that such equipment is suitable for its intended use.


EHEDG may authorise the use of the EHEDG Certification logo for equipment complying with the EHEDG hygienic design criteria at the date of issue (month + year). Certification may involve testing of equipment according to the certification class type.


EHEDG certification logo

EHEDG has authorised several institutes to certify the use of the EHEDG compliance logo. Testing and certification are independent activities and may be done by different organisations.

The EHEDG Test Methods Working Group consists of members from EHEDG Authorised Institutes who perform the EHEDG Test Methods, equipment manufacturers, food processors and regulatory officials. The purpose of the Group is to maintain and develop test methods and assessment schemes for equipment to ensure the manufacture of safe and wholesome food. EHEDG guidelines on different test methods have been published and are reviewed periodically. New test methods are also under development, e.g. for open equipment.