Invitation to "Hygienic Design in Food Processing Environments", 23 March 2017 at Campden BRI

EHEDG is pleased to announce the above 1-day conference which will provide current and future food industry professionals with up to date information, relating to the management of food safety, through the use of good hygienic design in the production environment.


The conference will give attendees an overview of what hygienic design is, where to get advice on it and the important role it plays in the production of safe food. There will also be a small exhibition from companies presenting products and services relevant to food safety and hygienic design.

Meet Committee Members of the UK & Ireland regional section of the European Hygienic Engineering
Design Group and IFST and find out what they can do for you.

The aim of this conference is to bring together experts in hygienic design and sanitation to share their
knowledge and open up the topic for discussion among food safety professionals. The questions to be
asked are:

What is hygienic design and why is it important?

Who are EHEDG and what can they do for me?

How can I design my food factory for hygiene - the building, the layout, the processing equipment, the cleaning systems etc.?

Hygienic design and global food safety standards

What guidance and training is available?

The EHEDG certification scheme

Come to hear experts in the field address the above questions. The IFST Western Branch and UK&IE EHEDG have brought together a range of experts from IFST, EHEDG, Holchem, Vikan and Campden BRI who will provide up to date information on new and best practice with regard to hygienic design for the production environment.

For detailed information about the program and registration, please visit

Contact: Debra Smith, Vikan (UK) Ltd., +44 7500 22 01 39.