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EHEDG si 3-A


Armonizarea instructiuniilor EHEDG si a standardelor 3-A

Cu scopul de a spori siguranta alimentara prin promovarea igienei in productia si procesarea produselor alimentare, EHEDG si Organizatia Standardelor Americane Sanitare 3-A au multe obiective comune si o misiune similara. Ambele organizatii fac schimb de instructiuni si standarde neterminate pentru expertiza si comentarea inainte de publicare. Cel mai recnt numar al Glosarului EHEDG a fost dezvoltat in cooperare cu 3-A si poate fi descarcat din secriunea Documente gratuite.


Continutul tuturor orientarilor EHEDG au avut referinte incrucisate cu a standardelor 3-A si sunt sintetizate intr-o matrice disponibila pentru descarcare (XLS).

Documente gratuite

Grupurile de lucru EHEDG au publicat mai multe documente carea sunt disponibile pentru descarcarea gratuita, cum ar fi documente de serviciu si instructiunea 8  privind cerintele de baza de proiectare igienica.

Mai multe informatii.

Documente gratuite

Grupurile de lucru EHEDG au publicat mai multe documente care sunt disponibile pentru descarcare gratuita, cum ar fi documente de serviciu si instructiuni  Doc. 8 privind cerintele de baza ale proiectarii igienice si Doc. 45  privind verificarea clara in industria alimentara.

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"Easy cleanable Pipe couplings and Process connections" Version 4, July 2017

Hygienic design principles

Third Edition, March 2018 

This document describes the principles for hygienic design of equipment and factories intended for food manufacturing. The fundamental reason for applying hygienic design principles is to prevent contamination of food products. Equipment and factories of poor hygienic design are difficult to clean.

The document details the hygienic design principles that shall be followed when designing and constructing equipment and factories for manufacturing of foods. It gives guidance on design, construction and installation so that it does not adversely affect food safety and quality. These principles apply to open and closed manufacturing operations, surrounding facilities, all being cleaned either wet or dry.

Doc. 8 is used as a basis for hygienic design evaluation within the EHEDG equipment certification program.

The content of this document covers functional requirements, intended use, materials of construction, hygienic design and construction and assessment methods.

Cleaning Validation in the Food Industry - General Principles, Part 1

First Edition, April 2016 - The objective of cleaning validation is to prove that the equipment is consistently cleaned of product, microbial residues, chemicals and soiling, including allergens to an acceptable level, to prevent possible cross-contamination of hazards between products. This document focuses on the overall concept of cleaning validation and is intended as a general guideline for use by food manufacturers and inspectors. It is not the intention to be prescriptive in specific validation requirements. This document serves as general guidance only, and the principles may be considered useful in their application in the production of safe food, and in the development of guidelines for the validation of specialized cleaning or inactivation processes.